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3 books for a better life.

April 5, 2022

Let me start by saying, we each walk our journey through life, exactly as its meant to happen, the 3 books for a better life led me to see the beauty of life, the impact our thoughts have on that journey and how we choose to physically look after this bag of muscle, skin and bones.

These books had a huge impact on me, and I am sure if you are on the self development journey atleast one of them will bring something to that journey you are on.

The first three were pivotal to “my awakening experience” and I have recommended multiple times.

So in order here are my 3 books for a better life, with a few notable runner-ups/

The 5 second rule by Mel Robbins

Mel’s story is one, many of us can relate to, the 5 second rule itself was created when she was at a low point in her life, and many aspects of her struggle, I identified with.

The book landed on my lap at a time, I too was struggling, both financially and mentally.

I needed to start training at 5am, so my evenings could be spent with my loved ones.

But 5am training is hard to get into.

Not after reading the 5 second rule

Its a super simple concept, largely based around the monkey mind, I briefly discuss “the monkey mind” here.

We constantly talk ourselves out of doing things, we like to play it safe, and anything that is a challenge requires commitment to succeed, The 5 second rule gives you the blueprint for achieving the things in life that keep alluding you!

If you are trying to start something, break a habit or create a new lasting habit, I highly recommend this book.

3 books for a better life

Breaking the habit of being yourself by Joe Dispenza

The next on the list, is this genius of a man – Dr Joe Dispenza

This ultimately explores how the mind effects our body, mood, life, reality.

I cannot recommend this enough, the foreword gives a great explanation as to why you should consider it:

highly accessible manual for rewiring your mental and emotional circuitry carries a simple but potent message: what you think today determines how you live tomorrow. 

This book came along whilst I began my meditation practice, and I cite it as one of the reasons why I find it so much easier to turn down the noise in my head, and have an optimistic view of life, even, when it would be easy to say otherwise.

3 books for a better life

The China Study by T Colin Campbell PhD

The next one on the list, is a hell of a read.

And I really don’t recommend this to anyone, unless you are super interested in nutrition and the role it plays on human health.

The China Study is precisely that, a study!

Which in turn means it is cumbersome and mostly boring!

However, for me, it massively changed my perception on, food, primarily massed produced meat, and the overall state of the world thanks to corporate take over of our once family run / small organic farms.

It changed my view on the information we are fed, which in large has an agenda.

It allowed my to step back and question EVERYTHING!

It is also a fascinating glimpse into the impact modern living has had on life span!

3 books for a better life

Notable runner-up titles

Naturally Triple Your Testosterone cover art

This book is a step-by-step guide to massively boosting your T levels in 100 percent naturally ways. This book covers everything you need to know about testosterone.

Fingerprints of the Gods cover art

TFingerprints of the Gods is the revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of listeners throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society.

Evolve Your Brain cover art

Evolve Your Brain helps you take control of your mind, explaining how thoughts can create chemical reactions that keep you addicted to patterns and feelings

The Longevity Paradox cover art

 In The Longevity Paradox, Dr. Gundry outlines a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support gut health and live well for decades to come.

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