8 quotes from people I admire

April 20, 2022

1. Les Brown.

My favourite inspirational speaker, Les Brown, his enthusiasm, laugh and words of wisdom started my journey of self development!

2. Dorian Yates.

6 times winner of Mr Olympia, I remember seeing this guys image in a muscle & fitness magazine, and thinking F&^%!!! I admired Dorian Yates work ethic and love for bodybuilding and pushing the body to its limit!

Dorian Yates - Quote

3. Mike Adams

Mike’s love for natural health, healthy living and love of free speech (starting the platform puts him on this list, I have great admiration for someone who fights for truth amongst the fake narrative on big pharma and so called free speech platforms.

Mike Adams - quote

4. Bob Marley

I mean who doesn’t love Bob Marley, I fell in love with his music when I was much younger, but only recently realised the message of love and peace in his songs, he truly was a revolutionary artist.

Bob Marley - Quote

5. Mel Robbins

I’ve written about Mel in my post 3 books for a better life. Her book the 5 second rule was hugely pivotal for me, so no list would be complete without her on it!

Mel Robbins quote

6. Ronnie Coleman

ronnie coleman quote

The second Olympian on the list, again his work ethic, love of bodybuilding and gentle giant nature, gets him on my list, I would have loved to have met Ronnie at the height of his career, truly a legend, he also had some great quotes – “ain’t nothing but a peanut”, “yeah buddy”

7. Dr Joe Dispenza

Another one from my 3 books post, Dr Joe Dispenza books are mind blowing, I aspire to be as high vibration as he is!

Dr Joe Dispenza quote

8. Zach Bush MD

A relatively new person to me, Zach Bush blows my mind with his integration of knowledge, love, compassion and science, I highly recommend checking him out Zach Bush MD

zach bush md

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