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4 benefits of ditching the ego lift.

April 13, 2022
4 benefits of dicthing the ego lift

Before we look at the 4 benefits of ditching the ego lift.

What is ‘ego’?

Ego as defined by Sigmund Frued, is one of 3 elements that make up ones personality, known as id, ego and super ego.

When considering the ego spiritually, it is often regarded as a transformation when one releases the ego or experiences an ‘ego death’ detaching from the facade that has built up over a lifetime.

The Ego lift! Is picking the largest weight and pushing yourself, at best to the detriment of the movement, at worse causing injury to your physical body.

The ego lift appears from nowhere, with no warning, and usually little lead up.

And yes, before you ask.

My ego has twice picked weight my body couldn’t handle.

Once tearing a hamstring from a deadlift

Second time, tearing my forearm picking up a bar with too much on it.

So what are the 4 benefits of ditching the ego lift!

1. Ditch the ego lift for less or zero injury

Big lifts look good!

They also look great for the social media profile, and lets admit it, the ‘ego; fucking loves social media platforms!

“Ohhhhh look at me lifting this massive weight”

However, judge the weight wrong.

Lift too fast, or persist on trying to lift something that isn’t moving and before long, you’ll get injured.

Suddenly looking good on social media seems pretty lame.

Lifters remorse sets in, and a slow track back to 100% (if possible) is on the cards.

I’m often reminded of Callum Von Monger.

Highly gifted physically, however, there is a strong case, he ego lifted himself out of a burgeoning bodybuilding career.

The full movie documenting his come back is called unbroken, below is the trailer.

2. Replace with progressive overload for results

Progressive overloading is amazing!

in plain simple terms progressive overloading is the slow increase in either weight, reps or sets over a given time period.

For any actual growth and/or strength in the muscle your programme should include some form of progressive overload.

Progressive overloading driven by the ego looks something like this.

There is a thin line between these ego lifts and someone hitting a PB.

However, rather than go in unprepared, make sure you have a plan.

Keep a record of your lifts, with a slow increment over time, you will minimise the likelihood of starring in the next youtube deadlift fail.

There are a load of resources online regarding progressive overload programmes, just be aware, these are cookie cutter programmes, they don’t take into account your current situation, training, diet, workload etc…

However, I do like the following from fitnessvolt as a great 10 week plan.

  • Week 1: 5 x 5-6 (75% of 1-RM)
  • Week 2: 4 x 4 (70% of 1-RM)
  • Week 3: 3 x 3 (80% of 1-RM)
  • Week 4: Deload (50% of 1-RM)
  • Week 5: 4 x 4 (80% of 1-RM)
  • Week 6: 3 x 3 (85% of 1-RM)
  • Week 7: 4 x 4 (55% of 1-RM)
  • Week 8: Deload (50% of 1-RM)
  • Week 9: 4 x 3 (75% of 1-RM)
  • Week 10: 3 x 2 (90% OF 1-RM)

3. Gain overall strength and size

This leads on nicely from the previous reason to drop the ego lift.

Planning really is the only way to progress in the gym.

Bodybuilding, strength building requires patience, planning and slow progress.

Ego lifting can often lead to VERY short workouts, with little to no visible results.

Take the ego lift and consider aiming for Personal Records / Personal Bests

The difference, PB’s you prepare for, ego lifts appear from nowhere, with no fore thought or plan!

Now you can consider the exercise you are trying to perform and break it down.

For example:

The Deadlift.

4 benefits to ditching the ego lift

Everyone wants to lift a heavy deadlift, rather than week on week attacking the most weight for the deadlift consider what muscles are activated and work on improving those, and in turn improve your deadlift.

Muscles activated in deadlift include:

  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Adductor Magnus (Inner Thigh)
  • Hamstrings
  • Erectors
  • Lats
  • Traps
  • Rhomboids
  • Abdominals & Obliques

Create a programme working these muscle individually, and watch your deadlift PB skyrocket!

The added bonus you will develop strength and size overall.

4. Life is better without the ego

The last of the 4 benefits of ditching the ego lift, is ultimately the ego death.

It took me years to get over myself.

Starting in the gym at 17 full of bravado, testosterone and arrogance.

I definitely had the “look at me” attitude.

I wanted to be the biggest.

I’d try to lift the most, and often scream so everyone knew I was lifting the stack.

Sadly, to the detriment of my joints.

I can honestly say, if I had the chance to go back, the 46 year old me would bitch slap the 17 year old, and tell him to stop competing with everyone, and just focus on myself

Letting go of your ego, opens the door to taking a new and creative course of action

Suzzane Mayo Frindt

This is more relevant than ever, with social media, it is very easy to want to ‘look good’ on the small screen.

It’s time to ditch the ego.

The results will come faster.

The body will progress further.

You’ll suffer less, or no injury.

And, you’ll feel happier for it!

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