allbirds review. Can trainers be good for the soul, body & environment?

July 11, 2020
all birds tree runners review

An allbirds unpaid review

Another year, another birthday, perfect time for a new set of trainers.

For the past few years I’ve been researching companies and products that consciously minimise their impact on the environment.

Welcome allbirds.

The allbirds Ethos

allbirds trainers are made from a mix of wool, plastic, castor bean oil, sugar, trees, recycled plastic and nylon, you know, the obvious material for a trainer!!! 🙂

Along with environmentally sourced materials, allbirds displays the carbon footprint for each and every product.

It was the reasons above, why I started following the company a few years ago, but, if i am honest there was something holding me back from purchasing…..

Saving the planet ain’t cheap, plus are they comfy?

The pair I opted for were the mens Tree Runners – £95, now for some of you, you may not flinch at the thought of dropping £95 on a pair of trainers, but, for me, I’m a cheap skate, every birthday I scan the sale section and at a stretch will go to £60, which, as my wife reminds me, is crazy for someone who trains as often as I do.

But in all honesty the price and the fact I didn’t know anyone who had a pair, were the reason I had yet committed to a purchase.

However, I can hardly build a brand, literally called ‘The Conscious Bodybuilder’ and buy from a company that isn’t conscious of its impact on the world at large.

So trainers purchased.

The package arrived in a great box, one that is 90% recycled, bonus points for that.

allbirds tree runners review - recycled box

I opted for the all blue version, I had originally been looking for a bright orange / red trainer, however, allbirds didn’t have that as an option, come on allbirds.

So blue it was, and I have to say, the colour, was spot on.

Are they comfy?

Naturally as it was a ‘stretch’ for me financially, I was going to be REALLY picky when it came to how comfy they were.

From the box to the feet, I’d have to give them a 9 out of 10

They are light, perfect fit around the feet, the only thing, was perhaps the sole, I’ve been use to soles that absorb and repel back a little bit more.

The stand out part for me was the elongated heel section, something simple, but really nice feel.

I should point out, even though I opted for the Tree Runners, they were never intended to be used for running.

I mean, I’ll do my bit to save the planet, but if you want me to start running….. pfffft, that ain’t going to happen.

They have however been put through a decent Crossfit / bodybuilding workout, and for that they were comfortable and provided decent support.

Long Term Test, well 3 weeks…

As of writing this, I have had the trainers for 3 weeks, they’ve rarely been off my feet.

allbirds review tree runners

Personally I think they look great with both training kit or jeans.

I still love the simple styling, the colour and the overall feel whilst walking in them.

I’ve yet had to put them through the wash, as the blue is dark enough to hide the lightest of dirt!

The only downside I’ve found, and I don’t know why it’s happening, is my left foot is slipping ever so slightly from the shoe.

I’ve compared them to a pair of Under Armour trainers I have. and I guess that the loop at the top comes up higher and thus hold the foot in more?

allbirds review

AllBirds Final Verdict

If you haven’t all ready worked out, this isn’t a paid review, I bought these with no input or discount from allbirds, so this verdict is about as honest as I can get.

Lets keep it simple, lets review based on:

  • Looks
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Training

Looks – 10/10
I’m very biased to the look of the allbirds shoe, I always prefer, plain and ideally single colour shoes, I own a all black Under Armour trainers and an all white pair of Addidas, so naturally all blue, for me, is perfect.

Price – 8/10
It was always going to be hard to score allbirds high on this, given my history, however, if i consider, what the brand is trying to achieve, and look at comparable trainers, my budgeting aside, they are well priced. Can you put a price on saving the environment? Apparently so, £95!

Comfort – 8/10
Another decent score for allbirds, they really haven’t been off my feet, perhaps a little more sponginess and that weird slippage sorted out and they’d score 9 possibly 10 out of 10.

Training – 7/10
I scored them 7 purely based on my style of training, which, to be fair isn’t what these trainers are made for, deadlifting 180kg, farmer walks with 72kg of kettlebells and running around a field with weights is a little unfair.

Final score 8/10

Would I recommend?

In short yes, if you are looking for a decent pair of trainers that do their bit towards promoting sustainable living, and you want something comfortable on your feet, I would definitely recommend allbirds.

Are they ideal for heavy training? Probably not, my question to you would be, what trainers are solid training shoes and great for the environment? Comment below.

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