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Personalised PT with 30 years experience

Practice the mastery of core strength and flexibility with private online sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Experienced in Balancing work, life, family,diet & gym for over 30 years

It was back in 1992 I qualified as a Personal Trainer, little did I know then I would spend the next 30 years balancing work, family and my social life with a healthy lifestyle.

At the core of that lifestyle an unwaivering desire to train and eat healthy whilst maintaining a balance.

30 years on I have the opportunity to take that passion and share that knowledge with you.

Join me today.


Private Gym Training

For 1-to-1 clients training sessions will be at the small but perfectly stocked Momentum Fitness Gym.

This private gym is the perfect place for 1-to-1 client sessions, no need to worry about a bustling gym floor, or competing for equipment.

Equipment includes:

  • Leg Press
  • Cables 
  • Full rack Dumbells (up-to 50kg)
  • Weighted Sled
  • Kettlebells
  • Squat Racks x 3

and more….

Whats the process?

Let’s keep this simple.

I offer online coaching and 1-to-1 (based in Sully)
Follow the steps below to:

Step 1.
Book a consultation call

Okay, so we haven’t met, we don’t know each other, and before you sign up to anything you’d like to know if we are a good match. 


No problem, simply hit the book now button and let’s go from there! (each call is 30 minutes max, via zoom).

Step 2.
Choose your preferred option

If we’re on the same page and you’d like to get started.


Choose the best option for you (I said this was simple) 

Online Coaching

Bespoke Online Coaching
£ 120 Monthly
  • Bespoke Training Plan
  • Weekly Accountability Call
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Free Group Membership​

2 x Weekly 1-to-1

Upto 8 sessions a month
£ 240 Monthly
  • Bespoke Training Plan
  • Nutrition Advice
  • External Training Included
  • Free Group Membership​

3 x Weekly 1-to-1

Up to 12 sessions a month
£ 300 Monthly
  • Bespoke Strength Programme
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Full App Tracking
  • Free Group Membership
  • Free Monthly Challenge

4 x Weekly 1-to-1

Up to 16 sessions a month
£ 390 Monthly
  • Bespoke Strength Programme
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Full App Tracking
  • Free Group Membership
  • Free Monthly Challenge

Step 3.
Book your time with me

Almost there! 

Book your time here

Step 4. Download the App

Last step is a simple one. 

Once we’ve confirmed everything above you’ll receive a message from me with a link to your new fitness App. 

Once registered you will have some onboarding questions to complete and for those coming in to the gym a few extras to cover our time together. 

The rest we’ll pick up as we go along. 

I look forward to working our with you soon. 

All the best 


Some Friendly

“I've known James for over 8 years, I trust his knowledge and love his passion, my wife now won't let me lift a thing without checking with James i'm doing it right!“
“It was training with James that got me started on my fitness journey, his love of the bodybuilding is infectious, without our interaction I'm not sure I would have stepped inside a gym so eagerly!“

Customised Strength Training Programmes online & 1-to-1

I Challenge you to become stronger in 2022