PROMiXX review

May 16, 2022
promixx review

I’m about to review a product you never realised you needed, but once you try it, you don’t really want to go back to the cheaper alternative, welcome to the PROMiXX review!

The PROMiXX mixer is a strange product.

Strange, In a good way!

It’s designed to replace those tired old shaker bottles.

I started using shaker bottles back in the 90’s.

You know the score, fill with water, add protein, and look like a lunatic for 30 seconds shaking as hard and as fast as you can!

The result, well back in the 90’s, it was a lumpy shake, no matter how hard you shook, or the faces you made!

With today’s protein powders, they’re less lumpy. but you’re still that special gyrating idiot in the corner 🙂

So what real world problems are PROMiXX trying to fix?

There are several

On their own, nothing major, but together it makes for a compelling product.

  1. No more lumps in your shakes
  2. No more smelly shaker bottle
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Protein holder and water bottle in 1
  5. Device Charger (available on their top end product)

So let’s look at #1, as for me this is the major selling point.No more lumps in your shakes


1. No more lumps in your shakes

Firstly, smooth shakes via a PROMiXX looks cool!

Honestly, add some water / milk and turn on the motor.

The vortex that is created, kinda of mesmerises you.

But, it is this vortex that is the brilliance of the product.

Why, I hear you ask.

Because, rather than perform that annoying bottle shake, you just pour in your protein powder, and, voila.

it blends it fast, easy, smoothly, without any lumps!

And you might be thinking, whoooooa James.

You can blend in a blender.

Yes you can, but this is portable.

Take it to the gym, on holiday, a business trip etc.

Smooth shakes wherever you are!

That’s the true genius of this product,

Portable, smooth shakes on the go!

For reference, I also have a blender at home for those weight gainer shakes, you know the, milk, oats, peanut butter, ice, water and protein powder ones!

PROMiXX won’t blend, so don’t add ice, forget the thick peanut butter!

You can add soft fruit if pre mashed, however speed and ease means 90% of the time I just add water and protein powder.

The ease and smooth taste is what got me on the PROMiXX mixer train in the first place.

However, if that’s not enough for you, #2 may well be the feature that convinces you to purchase a PROMiXX.

2. No more smelly shaker bottle

Hands up, whose left a shaker bottle in the boot of a car, or gym bag for a week or 2 longer than you should have.

I’m definitely guilty of this, on more than one occasion.

You’re left with a few decisions.

Option 1. Open said bottle, kiss goodbye to your sense of smell for a week, and expect the gag reflect to kick in


Options 2. Open said bottle, risk the build up of gas exploding and taken off your hand, whilst simultaneously releasing a stench Shrek would be proud of

Option 3. Think fuck it, it’s a £5 bottle, it’s going straight in the bin, that’s now someone else’s problem!

Now owning a PROMiXX didn’t make me a better shaker bottle owner.

I still found a few times where I accidentally left the bottle and remnants of a shake, a little too long.

But the stench, well, the stench was still there!

But, wash it out and you can actually use it again.

Unlike those cheap shaker bottle, that once left a little too long, no matter what shake you have after, it is guaranteed to taste like, [insert flavour] with a side of tramps ass.

The PROMIXX team seem to have a product that doesn’t hold on to those other-worldly smells!

It’s either, dark magic or, as their own literature states stain & odour resistant materials.

Which brings us on nicely to feature 3.

3. Easy to clean

This feature is probably the second reason I’ve stuck with PROMiXX.

Cleaning them is soooooooo easy.

And I’m speaking as someone who, in the past, has thrown out too many shaker bottles because it was almost easier to buy a replacement than try to clean out the mess.

i was less conscious in those days!

Simply add some warm water turn on the base, and add detergent.

Once you’ve finished been mesmerised by how fluffy the washing up liquid has gone, or wishing you had put in 1/10th the amount, as the entire side of the sink is now covered in bubbles.

You’re done!

Empty the bottle,

Wash with water.


4. Protein holder and water bottle in

Now, this feature, for me, is not why I got the bottle.

It’s an added bonus, that I never use.


Largely because I forget.

But if I’m really honest.

I’m someone who likes to keep things simple!

So my usual use of the PROMiXX is, cold water in, mix shake immediately, chuck it in the bag and have for the end of the workout!

Putting water in and filling the NUTRiPOD with protein is an extra step I don’t need.

However, I do use the NUTRiPOD for holding my nuts!

And not those nuts!

Luckily I never jumped on steroids, so I’d like to think the NUTRiPOD would fail that mission (wow what an image)

I meant these!

promixx NUTRiPOD

5 . PROMiXX can charge your devices.

An added extra.

If looking like the coolest person in the gym wasn’t enough.

PROMiXX offer a model that provides an additional USB port and enough battery, that you can charge up your devices and still have smooth shakes.

Is it an essentail?

It depends.

Do you do one too many gym selfies?

Are you an addict to those tunes and your headphones.

If so, then this may well be a feature you need.

Again, I can only speak for myself.

I’ve used this feature a few times.

But never at the gym.

However, it’s helped charge my phone, when I needed it, put some charge on a portable speaker, and once charged up someone else’s phone, all from the base.

This feature, will probably be one of those ones, you need, when you least expect it, and at that time,you’ll wish you splashed out a little bit more.

But is it essential?

Only you can be the judge of that.

Is PROMiXX worth the money?

As I stated at the beginning, PROMiXX mixers are such a strange product.

They are brilliant as a mixer.

But that only becomes apparent once you use them!

We are so use to cheap bottles, people’s initial response is, “wow that’s expensive”. and, why bother I can buy and use a shaker for £5.

But I have seen it time and time again.

Once you use the bottle, the price makes sense, especially when you consider how many ‘cheap’ shaker bottles you’ve really thrown out, thanks to smell, stains or general lack of care!

And for that reason, I would recommend the investment.

But, before you go and dive straight in, there are a few options:

promixx origianl

PROMiXX Original
You can purchase the original for £22.99 – However this is batter operated, so what is cheap to begin with, withers away as you purchase battery after battery ( I personally wouldn’t bother with this)


The rechargeable PROMiXX PRO is really the first choice when it comes to PROMiXX mixers, it has all the features above and comes with a rechargeable base! Prices start at £34.99 or 8 months worth of cheap plastic shaker bottles 🙂

If you are thinking of purchasing, this is the happy middle ground and my recommendation.

PROMiXX Charge
This is the rechargeable version that can also charge devices. My personal favourite in both looks, and ‘save my ass’ portable battery charging 🙂

if you can stretch to £49.99 It’s worth the money, but not ‘essential’

You just have to figure out whether you are looking for essential, or essential + cool to have?!

So which will it be?

Finally, you can get 15% off any mixer simply click the button below., the discount to be added automatically.

Makes the £49.99 model £42.50, hey maybe that’s enough to upgrade?!

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