The Conscious Mens Group

More about me & the Group

Who am I? 
I’m James, and it has taken me until now to realise I am more than a beanie wearing gym fanatic. 
My 45 year journey has largely been an exploration of natural bodybuilding, healthy living, and a balanced home/work life. 

However, 2020 brought about a massive spiritual awakening, and with it a drive to bring the physical & spiritual together to become a more positive, stronger, healthier, loving human. I realised that if I feel like this so do lot’s of us, so I wanted to create a space that would allow for further exploration of these things, and a space where men could actually share what is going on with them. And so the The Conscious Mens Group was born. 
The Community
 Okay, so you want to know more!  Let’s start with the basics. 

 The Group Foundation 
This group is about expanding our potential as multi-dimensional human beings and as men exploring what it is to be able to share our shit.

It will first and foremost be a place that provides accountability for improving all aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

It will be a like-minded community, a place to share, grow, laugh, and question, in an environment void of judgement. 

The group will initially be led by me, but member participation is expected and will fully realise the space. 

What is included Monthly Challenges:  
Each month we will have a physical challenge as-well as a monthly meditation / mindset / spirituality challenge. These will be posted into the group at the beginning of each month. 

Weekly Connection Call:   
This will be a space to share, discuss and accept / update on said challenges.
Each week there will be questions for us to explore around a certain topic. 
Our weekly call will take place on Sunday Evenings on Zoom at 8 pm GMT,

Where will all of this take place? 
We won’t be on Facebook, big tech can do one!

The group will be held on a decentralised, crypto, social media platform, one which is easy to use, clean and simple (and not owned by Zucker)
Join here:
Ultimately it will be a private group for support & community

Monthly membership.
Founding members (the first 10) join for £20 a month , to sign up click here once you join, a monthly payment will then be automatically taken (same day each month) 

Next Steps: 
This will be a space for you to grow in more way’s than one so if this is for you: 
1. Subscribe using link below.
2. Join the minds group
3. Once you’re in, watch the welcome video and read the group guidelines
4. Introduce yourself, why you joined and what you hope to gain from being in the group 

If you have any other questions email me at:  

See you in there. 
The Conscious Mens Group

Once you've joined, a monthly payment will be automatically taken (same day each month)

Payment via secure Stripe


To join the group takes 2 steps.
1. Pay via the button above
2. Join <- click link for private group (you will need to join minds)
Once you’ve done that, introduce yourself in the group and see you in there!