The Conscious Bodybuilder

The Conscious Bodybuilder

Before I ‘woke up’ I had a very simple philosophy, eat well and train hard.

And for 23 years I lived the “health & fitness” lifestyle. 

However 6 years ago, I started to  realise there is more to this wonderful experiment called life.

This renewed fascination lead to further research into the benefits both macro and micronutrients have on the body, eventually spilling over to experimenting with new training types including bodyweight workouts, cardio and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, cross fit style training. 

However, following the bombshell that was 2019/2020 my research and fascination expanded into everything to do with the human body, mind and spirit 

Culminating in The Conscious Bodybuilder and the four pillars nutrition, exercise, supplementation and consciousness. 


I no longer see food as just a requirement for training, there are fascinating benefits both macro and micronutrients provide to this wonderful thing we call a body, including optimising health, detoxing, clensing and revitalising it, in a world full of toxic food, water and air!


For 29 years I’ve used supplements to optimise my workouts, however I now investigate how supplements can be used to fight disease, provide longevity and a far more natural way of staying healthy in a world overcome with ‘modern medicine’ practices.


Bodybuilding for me has been my place of peace and quiet, it is has been my meditation. Come explore with me my new appreciation of alternative training.


You can’t have a conscious bodybuilder without this subject, it encompasses everything from a spiritual existence to a loving and compassionate human experience. We are all connected, I dig into what it is to be a more conscious being living in harmony with nature, one another and most importantly ourselves!

The Conscious Bodybuilder